Afraid of Using Your Workgroup’s Printer
or Multifunction Devices for Sensitive Documents?

MOS has the answer. Only Xerox holds FedRAMP Authorization and is partnered with McAfee & Cisco.

When it comes to keeping your documents from prying eyes, Xerox’s Secure Print is the answer.

Working with sensitive data in roles like HR, Legal and other departments, confidentiality concerns are prevalent and often addressed during the filing and storing of documents. However, ironically the security of making a document is often overlooked, creating a breach in the data’s security.

But there is a simple solution. To address this issue and keep data secure, Xerox developed Secure Print, a standard feature on all digital display devices like those in the AltaLink and VersaLink series.

Here’s how it works:

A user sends a document to print that contains sensitive information such as social security numbers, medical information or even credit card data.

Once sent, the user then enters a personal or departmental pin number on the device before the jobs is released into the print queue. This prevents wondering eyes from picking up your job on the output tray as well as curbs wasteful printing, which can ultimately reduce operating expenditures for the office. 

The device’s intuitive touch screen display allows for a seamless integration into your current workflow, while adding additional security measures which give you peace of mind.

MOS Secure Print: Your Solution For Confidential & Sensitive Documents

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