Your organization touches many lives every day.  You are under more pressure today than ever before.  Many nonprofit organizations have seen contributions decrease while demand for their services increases.  The focus on the productivity, efficiency, and sustainability with your staff is critical for the success of your nonprofit organization. By letting Michigan Office Solutions manage your technology, you have more time to focus on giving back to the community.  We can co-author solutions to save you time, money and improve the productivity of your staff to better help your organization reach its goals.  With statistics showing loyalty donors make up the largest percentage of contributions, your staff can focus their time not only on driving the mission of your nonprofit organization but securing more loyal donors.

Through our MOS360 Assessment we can help you uncover hidden costs, clearly understand productivity challenges, and discover ways to free up time to focus on driving donations.   Through solutions like Donation Processing with devices that have the option to Scan to PC Desktop allowing you to quickly route and store documents digitally, eliminating wasted time, paper and toner.   Also, you can connect with your patrons through cost effective in-house color printing that offers vibrant and consistent messaging to your supporters.   With a Records Management Solution, you can digitally store and organize volunteer records and funding applications with a digital content management software solution.   Do what you do best, we will take care of the rest.