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MOS Self-Help

How do I submit my meters?

Meter reading submission is linked to a customer’s equipment identification number or serial number. MOS offers three easy ways to submit their meter readings:
1. MOS 360 App 0 Automatic Electronic Meter Submissions for networked devices *
2. Submit via the MOS Website at
3. A personalized spreadsheet – download a listing of your equipment, enter meter readings, and upload the file to us.

Who can I contact to request automatic meters?

You can request the setup of automatic meters online TODAY! Visit our online request form, complete the required information and a meter specialist will contact you.

Your devices need to be networked in order for the automatic meter reading program to be installed.

I don’t have networked devices, what should I do?

You can submit your meter readings via the MOS Website . Meter reading submission is linked to a customer’s equipment identification number or serial number.

How do I order supplies?

You can contact our Customer Care Department directly at 1-800-442-9070 or you can order through our Website at

I ordered my supplies, when will it get here?

Normal delivery takes 2-3 business days. You can track your delivery using your order number on our UPS tracking service to monitor its arrival.

I ordered the wrong supplies, what do I do?

Please contact our customer care advocates for return instructions and packaging, we can help you place the correct order as well.

I need my supplies expedited, what do I do?

Please contact our Supply team with your order number to ensure overnight delivery. You can reach the team at 1-800-442-9070.

I need to request a service call, how do I do that?

Device service calls are linked to a customer’s equipment. You can call 1-800-442-9070 to place a service call.

We have found that in many cases our trained specialists can help you resolve your question or issue online without having to send a service tech, reducing your wait time and getting your machine operational faster.

Who can I talk to regarding the move of a machine?

Please contact our Customer Care Center and they can help you log a call to help you move your device.