Manufacturing has become highly competitive with overseas expansions, cost burdens, and competitive marketing strategies.  You need to penetrate new markets, gain market share, and have effective marketing while producing a quality product at a good price using with lean initiatives and practices.   We’ll manage your critical office processes so you can concentrate on your real business.  This means you can get higher customer satisfaction and loyalty, and better technology, security and compliance while reducing operating costs and capital expenditures.

MOS Commitment to the Manufacturing Industry

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While you focus on your core competency, Michigan Office Solutions can help you with your core competency which is managing print services. We can help you focus on your business with taking on the burden of time and resources spent on print services. Our MOS360 Assessment allows us to gain an understanding and insight into the challenges your organization face as a manufacturing business. We combine our insight and knowledge with the information that we uncover to provide you with a proactive solution. We help you uncover areas pertaining to structural cost burdens and proactive marketing. We work with you to co-author solutions that help you achieve your sustainable goals and lasting infrastructure objectives.

Getting the right message to the right person at the right time, we can help you streamline the process to product and deliver multi-channel communications.   By adding color to your communications you can boost your readership by 20%. MOS can help you with scalable and cost-effective color printing options. Do what you do best, running your business.  We will do the rest.