Firms manage an enormous volume of documents that must be kept secure and confidential, yet available instantly.  Due to the economic decline legal firms have seen lower billable hours, lower fees received and increased write offs.   In addition, the essential administrative function, copying, has decreased while printing and scanning has increased. The problem many firms face is they don’t have a way to track printing, copying, and scanning to control costs and generate revenue as a billable charge.

What if Michigan Office Solutions could help you reduce your current expenses while being able to increase your revenue at the same time? We can help you implement customized solutions with automated cost tracking to help you recover the lost billable opportunities and reduce current expenses. Through our MOS360 Assessment we create a snapshot of your firm’s current environment by providing you with a complete visual of your operation. We analyze the total cost of ownership with a review of both direct and in-direct costs associated with your technology. We co-author solutions with you to understand workflow and pull actual volumes to identify revenue opportunities and seamlessly track prints, copies, and scans within the firm for billable charges to your clients.  As a result, we help you control your administrative functions while sustaining business processes and increasing revenue.

We know your client files can range from a couple pages to a filled file cabinet. With the amount of paperwork that moves through your firm, not only is it important to keep track of all the information, it’s important to remember that document security and client confidentiality is critical. Legal firms rely on documents and electronic information on a daily basis, but changing to a new system leaves people wary.   We can help you find the value that is added to your firm when document management is employed.  Records, contracts, briefs and filings are securely stored and retrieved from one central location.  Set you access controls and editing restrictions to comply with Graham-Leach-Bliley, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley and other regulations. We work with you to achieve a proper capture and routing strategy, ensure documents remain secure and safe, and files are backed up and accessible.