K-12 Education

If you are like most K-12 education systems, you’re facing numerous challenges in today’s competitive environment. Michigan Office Solutions (MOS) represents the best of both worlds when it comes to your education technology solutions. We have the national resources and strength of Xerox and 3D Systems along with the agility of MOS locally managed services and support team at your fingertips. MOS can help you apply, manage and use technology that simplifies your workflow. So you have more time to focus on delivering the level of education that your students deserve.

Solutions Designed For You    

  • 3D Print Technology- provide real world applications in math, science, mechanical engineering and architecture with hands-on discovery.
  • Emergency Notification System- automated notification process with confirmations for school closings and other emergency notification alerts.
  • Automated School Registration- reduce the time for parents to enroll students by up to 80%.
  • Data Storage, Backup and Archival for student records- digital storage drives requirements for efficient storage, reliable backups and compliance-based archival solutions.
  • Automate Process for permission slips, truancy tracking and attendance records- integrate into student management system.
  • Cost recovery and tracking- sustainable initiative for managing and reporting on document output.

Customer Quote:

“We have been working with MOS for over 2 years. They partnered with us on understanding the true costs associated with the major areas of document management. Using their MOS 360 Assessment Process…they studied the current state and identified all devices, print volumes and costs. Together we developed a co-authored plan to achieve our goals of cutting costs and moving towards upgrading the overall technology that our district’s needs. MOS has not let us down. “

Shawn M. Stirling,  Chief Financial Officer – Taylor School District