Higher Education

Expectations of students and faculty are much higher today. Students want current technology, expect availability and sustainability, and require a cost effective education. Staff and faculty want a progressive, secure, and efficient working environment. Your institution can thrive while navigating unprecedented changes and budget pressures in higher education. We work behind the scenes to help schools manage and improve a range of student services. Partnering with Michigan Office Solutions, schools gain access to cost-effective, on-demand business services, as well as specialists, a knowledge base, best practices and more.

We can help by showing you how to accommodate priorities from both the students and faculty. Through our MOS360 Assessment, we start by understanding the strategic direction and objectives of your institution. We define these with an in-depth look at how your institution meets the needs of students and faculty. We measure each of these to ensure alignment with your institution’s culture. We create a snapshot of your institution’s current environment by providing you with a complete visual of your operation associated with the institution’s technology. We co-author solutions with you to improve the existing infrastructure and help you control your administrative functions with sustainable business practices.

We help you achieve solutions with options and convenience that is valued by your students and faculty such as convenient mobile and secure printing. We help you create awareness with cost recovery and tracking solutions for print and copy. Whether it’s an application or registration, communication with parents or alumni, a student loan payment, or inter-office report, our document and imaging services help dramatically reduce paper consumption, add operational efficiency, and reduce your impact on the environment.