No one needs to tell you that the financial services industry is highly volatile and constantly changing.  You are under the constant challenge to retain customers through personalized communications, resulting in increased costs through inefficient process and outsourced marketing resources.  Yesterday’s distinctions have disappeared as your company increasingly becomes a one-stop shop of multiple, advanced financial services.    You need ways to cost-effectively offer multiple financial services while managing increasing documentation and regulatory requirements.  Michigan Office Solutions can help you!

You face the challenge of achieving quick access to client critical information while maintaining client confidentiality.   On average, employees in the financial industry spend 20% of their time looking for documents or information contained in documents.   We can help you with a Print Security solution offering high-level security offerings like image overwrite, password protection, secure scanning and faxing, to name a few.   MOS offers Regulatory compliant software and device solutions to help you develop a roadmap to identify compliance issues and implement security means to protect consumer information.  By digitally storing and organizing documents you can reduce storage costs and collaborate electronically.

We can work with you and co-author solutions that will improve customer loyalty, save money, and comply with regulatory requirements. Through our MOS360 Assessment we create and review blueprints of how information flows within your organization and then we co-author a solution with you to improve the existing infrastructure. As a result, we help you control your administrative functions and streamline the move from a paper-intensive environment to electronic storage and retrieval.