Electronic Forms Processing

With Electronic Forms Processing software, we can transform traditionally convoluted, paper form-centric processes into efficient, paperless or paper-light workflows. Instead of wasting time and resources on pre-printed forms, you can print only what you need and can complete many forms online without generating paper.

More than just forms and workflow automation tools, our solutions also convert data into standardized, usable information that is interfaced into core systems via native integration. We can also update systems with forms data, archive forms in the document imaging or enterprise content/document management (ECM/EDM) system and auto-index upon scanning by barcoding forms.

An electronic form is a computer program version of a paper form. Aside from eliminating the cost of printing, storing, and distributing pre-printed forms, and the wastage of obsolete forms, an electronic form can be filled out faster because the programming associated with them can automatically format, calculate, look up, and validate information for the user. With digital signatures and routing via e-mail, approval cycle times can be significantly reduced. With electronic submission of completed forms, you can eliminate the cost of rekeying data and the associated errors.

Compared to paper forms, electronic forms allow more focus on the business processor underlying problem for which they are designed (for example, expense reporting, purchasing, or time reporting). They can understand the roles and responsibilities of the different participants of the process and, in turn, automate routing and much of the decision making necessary to process the form.