Document Output Solutions

The combination of copying and printing has lead to multifunction products (MFP’s) that print, copy, scan and fax. These comprehensive systems are designed for the way we do business today – highly connected, productive and focused on your company’s bottom line.

  • MFP’s are 20-40% less expensive compared to the costs of single function products that print, copy and fax combined.
  • MFPs require roughly half the floor space than single function products.
  • MFPs streamline the office environment by allowing your company to easily use, manage and service fewer devices.

MFP combine four vital business tools:

Copying: in addition to printing and scanning, MFP’s have the capability to copy. Using the latest digital copying technology, you can be assured that you will see the greatest quality with the ease of use you have come to demand. Most MFP’s now provide advanced features such as scan-one-print – many functionality, job pre-scan and increased ability to maximize the resolution quality from your color original.

Printing: MFP’s allow for the printing of documents of varying sizes and are scalable devices. The strongest benefits of the multifunction systems over laser printers are lower costs and greater productivity. Not only do they utilize the same print engine but they have finishing options such as stapling, booklet-making and three-hole punch.

Scanning: The function of scanning documents has become a necessity for all types of businesses. It is critical that businesses have this capability for not only security reasons but also to have information in a readily transferable medium.

Faxing: It may be assumed that as scan to email capability rises, the need for faxing will decrease. Although this may be something that happens in the future, companies are still requiring this function to provide technologies that their customers require. In addition to traditional faxing options, MFP’s also offer options like inbound fax routing, desktop faxing, and faxing directly to your electronic document management system.