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Data At Your Fingertips

Unlike a paper filing system that can only be indexed by a single field, usually by an alphabetical order or a numeric order, Document Management software allow documents to be organized by multiple index fields. For example, a file can be referenced by all of the following fields: client name, account number, address, account type, and even the date the order was received. You only need one of these pieces of information to find the client file you are looking for.

Collaboration Between Teams & Units

Document Management software also allows collaboration between users to access a file from the same source. Using this system, multiple users can access the same document simultaneously through the EDMS without creating a redundant copy of the same document. Adding a note or comment to the document becomes a snap, allowing other users to view the notes and comments from their own desktop screen as they are created.

Password Protection

In this age, security issues and privacy issues are a paramount concern for businesses. Apart from ensuring compliance to government regulations, Document Management software ensures that files are password protected. Any unauthorized access attempts are logged for the system administrator to review.

Data Migration

With technology always advancing at a rapid speed, it’s not uncommon for old programs and data files to become trapped in no-longer supported systems. That’s why MOS also provides data migration support to make sure old records can be transferred and accessed by your team. Optimizing outdated technology like never before and creating a seamless transition into your new document management strategy.

Disaster Recovery

Paper documents are always vulnerable to natural disasters such as theft or fire. Document Management software minimizes that risk by allowing an offsite back-up of the paper documents to ensure continual operation of business even if a disaster strikes.

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