Business Process Automation

With our business process automation software, our clients are able to reduce the cost in time and money carrying out common business processes.  Business process automation is the technology-enabled automation of activities or services that accomplish a specific function or workflow.  Business processes can be determined for many different segments of company activities, including sales, management, operations, human resources and information technology.

Automated business processes are managed collectively to improve an organization’s overall workflow in terms of achieving greater efficiency, adapting to changing business needs, reducing human error and clarifying job roles and responsibilities. Through business process automation, we can optimize an organization’s core operational components such as processes, equipment and data.

Here are 5 questions that help organizations determine what processes have automation potential:

  1. Do you have any “paper heavy” processes? Is there a paper form that gets routed to different process participants as part of the process?
  2. Do your employees waste time looking for forms or documents they need to complete a specific step?
  3. Do any of your processes require manual duplication of data? Where maybe an email address has to be manually copied from one system to another?
  4. Do your processes get hung up because one of your employees didn’t receive an email that tells them to proceed with the next step?
  5. Are there other “routine” tasks that are very time consuming or can halt the process in its tracks if the task owner goes on vacation or simply forgets one day?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we can help!