Setting The Standard In Security

Only Xerox holds FedRAMP Authorization and is partnered with McAfee & Cisco.

Xerox is leading the industry in security by being the only provider who is partnered with McAfee and Cisco as well as being FedRAMP authorized by the Department of Defense. 

Your work environment is an ever evolving web of shifting challenges. But at Michigan Office Solutions, we can help you strategize and transform your team’s digital environment into an optimized resource that is both, easy to use and secure from prying eyes.

By working together, our specialized team of experts will work with your IT professional(s) to co-author a customized approach that keeps you compliant with regulations, such as HIPPA and Sarbanes-Oxley, as well as frees up IT’s time to focus on other mission-critical projects that can facilitate growth.

From secure cloud-based solutions to mobile printing and user help desk services, you can count on MOS to keep your data secure and your business thriving! 

With security breaches constantly making headlines and your team requesting improved remote access, is your  network’s security hanging in the balance? 

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