Be Productive

What would it mean to your bottom line if you increased employee productivity by 10% to 20%?

Partnering with Michigan Office Solutions, you can transform your work environment, streamline your processes and improve your employee’s productivity. The work environment is evolving rapidly with technology, making it possible for people to be connected almost anytime and anywhere globally. MOS can provide true printing freedom that is convenient, simple and secure from virtually anytime, anywhere within your organization. By extending our Managed Print Services solutions to the virtual workforce, we provide your organization the tools and resources to get work done effectively and efficiently, enabling increased accessibility, security and operational savings.

Additional MOS solutions to help increase your organization’s productivity:

  • Process Management – automating processes across your entire fleet to get jobs in and out of your shop that are essential to your productivity.
  • Virtual Accessibility – Make your services more accessible and expand your reach by putting your business on the web allowing customer to submit jobs from anywhere, anytime using a convenient online portal.
  • Quality Management – consistent, accurate and repeatable color you can depend on.
  • Increase Efficiency – Move your jobs flawlessly through your printers and add a professional finish. Automate your end-to-end solutions saving time and resources.
  • Workflow Management- Optimize the power of your printer right up front with state-of-the-art color management and automated job management. Print servers are easy to use, tremendously productive while ensuring the quality of your output.

Get started with Michigan Office Solutions and realize the potential of your printing environment!