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From empowering associates to actually getting the work done, Advanced Scanning from MOS-Xerox is truly #MadeToThink.  

We often find that offices have embarked on initiatives to go “paperless” which have resulted in just scanning their current documents into a file server. But without a defined process and tools to manage the indexing of documents, many struggle to actually organize and ultimately achieve the “paperless” office. 

But advanced scanning support from MOS enables our clients to deploy a scanning methodology that standardizes the naming convention (including metadata) and file folder creation of their desired process.  This makes scanned documents, fully searchable and provides the ability to change a documents format – for instance from Word to Excel.

Our configurable platform is simple to use, making it ideal for your entire team. Additionally, the state-of-the-art Xerox App Gallery providing access to top cloud platforms like Google Docs, DropBox and others, scanning, retrieval and organizing has never been easier.

Plus our dedicated team of experts work with you to create a “day-forward strategy” upon project completion, to help ensure your investment is maintained as your operations change and your business grows.

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There is a reason the wave of digital transformation has been so impactful for small business and large enterprises across the nation…

It means healthier organizations, a more robust and accessible portfolio as well as a team poised for aggressive growth.