Are Touch Screens Standard?

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Is the touch screen standard on Xerox Multifunction Printers in 2019?

A printer with a touch screen to access apps sounds great, but is the interface really standard on Xerox devices?

At MOS and IOT, our skilled team of experts get this question a lot. People seem to think that access to the Xerox App Gallery must be so advanced, “surely you couldn’t have access to it on a standard – “non fancy” – device, like what I’m looking at. Right?”  Wrong.

The truth is that the touchscreen interface really is standard on all of our Xerox AltaLink and VersaLink models…which likely falls into the category you would consider “normal office equipment.” But Xerox has proved our printers and multifunction devices are anything but ordinary!

With the introduction of the Xerox App Gallery, small businesses as well as large enterprises across Michigan, Indiana and Kentucky now have cheaper, easier access to advanced processes such as document redaction, digital translation services & audio conversion.

We’re proud of where our technology has taken us. That “non-fancy” device you’re thinking of… it’s no longer a copy, scan, email device. It’s your own personal office assistant, expanding your capabilities and empowering your team to do more then ever. Standard.  

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