Xerox Arms SMBs with Tools to Break Down Language Barriers Once & For All

Xerox Arms SMBs with Tools to Break Down Language Barriers Once & For All

New Xerox SMB tool designed to help you manage a diverse portfolio of clients while focusing on what really matters most: serving your customer like no one else.

Sure, we all know that when serving the customer, communication is key. But what if your customers backgrounds are diverse? What if you are only conversationally fluent enough to support them? What if this year’s budget simply can’t afford to add a professional translator to your headcount?

Xerox has answered the call of SMBs everywhere! Our new Xerox Easy Translator App is now available in the Xerox App Gallery  and can help translate forms, white sheets and other materials in over 40 languages from any #Xerox Connect Key MFP, smart phone or computer.

Built to empower your team, without adding to your overhead, the app is easy to use. Simply identify the document, select desired language & away you go!

Or perhaps you have a more formal need in mind? Choose from a range of translation proficiencies, from  Xpress to Professional, to scale your projects and grow your interests. Oui?

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